Friday, October 14, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) released

Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) released!!

Ubuntu 11.10, code-named “Oneiric Ocelot” has been released on 13 Octobor. 11.10 continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

WHAT's NEW in Ubuntu 11.10
  1. For PC users, Ubuntu 11.10 supports laptops, desktops and netbooks with a unified look and feel based on an updated version of the desktop shell called “Unity”, which introduces specialized “Lenses"
  2.  Finding and installing software using the Ubuntu Software Centre is  now easier thanks to improvements in speed, search functionality  enhancements, and usability improvements. Aside from update on the performance side, it’s also more aesthetically appealing.
  3. Ubuntu Server 11.10 has made it much easier to provision, deploy, host, manage, and orchestrate enterprise data centre infrastructure services with the introduction of “Orchestra”
  4.  The Juju technical preview allows service developers to describe the deployment and  scaling requirements of their applications, in order to simplify and enhance the dialogue between developers and operations teams. 
  5. For those working on the ARM architecture, a technical preview is also provided for the ARM server.
  6. Standard maintenance updates will be provided for Ubuntu 11.10 for 18 months, through April 2013.
  7. Ubuntu is now available in 38 languages. For a list of available languages and detailed translation statistics for these and other languages, see :


  • Ubuntu 11.10 is the base for the newest 11.10 iterations of Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and our newest addition to this release cycle, Lubuntu!

  1. Kubuntu:
  2. Xubuntu:
  3. Edubuntu
  4. Mythbuntu:
  5. Ubuntu Studio:
  6. Lubuntu:
  • Ubuntu 11.10 is also now available on two new ARM community-supported ports.
  1. AC100 (Toshiba Tegra 2 Netbook):
  2. MX5 (Freescale i.MX53 QuickStart):

In order to download Ubuntu 11.10, visit:

Users of Ubuntu 11.04 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 11.10 via Update Manager. For further information about upgrading, see:

Release notes, which document caveats, workarounds for known issues, as well as more in-depth notes
on the release itself are available at:

If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but aren’t sure, you can try asking in any of the following places:

#ubuntu on

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