Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waiting for jockey-backend to exit

Problem: While Updating Packages,
                 i) Getting "Waiting for jockey-backend to exit" in Update Manager. &
                ii) Getting "Unable to get exclusive lock" , while updating using apt-get update
                iii) Updating Cache problem

What is jockey-backend ?

Jockey is a tool for installing third-party hardware drivers.

Jockey provides the infrastructure and the user interface for finding and installing third-party drivers which are applicable to the computer. This includes drivers which are added or updated after the release of a distribution, or drivers which cannot be included into the distribution for various reasons (CD space limitation, licensing problems, etc.).

Solution :
You only need jockey for enabling restricted drivers, afterwards you can safely disable it.

Open Terminal and type following commands:

1) To get into root mode
    sudo -i

2) To check the process id of jockey
    ps -e | grep jockey

Output: 2982 pts/0 00:00:00 jockey

remember the process id(2982)

3)Type the following to stop/kill the process

  sudo kill -9 [process_id]

 sudo kill -9 2982


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  2. Thank you, it helped me out a lot.

  3. Thank you very much, now it is downloading.

  4. Sir, I am using ubuntu 11.04 as a guest on win7. Now i want to update to ubuntu 11.10. But i am not able to do. I tried above method but no use. I think i am not able to connect to network. Plz help.

    1. Well you need to clearly specify your problem.
      First Check whether your network connection is working or not. Whether you are working under company/university proxy or not ?

  5. thank u very much,now the problem is solved

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  7. it worked thank u:-)

  8. thankx ur advice was useful

  9. Hey bro u are awesome it worked but i like my window 8 more

  10. thank you very much.. very helpful

  11. Thank buddy, it works..

  12. sir, i am using ubuntu 11.10 with gnome 3 shell
    i was to install conky on it when i was met with the error.
    i followed your steps but was met with a different output...
    when i typed "ps -e | grep jockey" i was given the output

    '2329 ? 00:00:10 jockey-backend' rather than

    2982 pts/0 00:00:00 jockey

    i suppose 2329 was the pid and continued with next steps

    but was given the error
    ERROR: garbage process ID "[2392]".
    kill pid ... Send SIGTERM to every process listed.
    kill signal pid ... Send a signal to every process listed.
    kill -s signal pid ... Send a signal to every process listed.
    kill -l List all signal names.
    kill -L List all signal names in a nice table.
    kill -l signal Convert between signal numbers and names.

    please help

    1. Hi,

      Well the output which you have posted shows that you have entered wrong pid while killing the process.
      You should have entered without quotes "sudo kill -9 2329".

  13. thanks, a lot. but, is this permanent or i have to sudo-kill lockey-backend all the time?

  14. thanks bro helped so much =)

  15. i have same question as patrack... do i have to do it always?

    1. If any new third-party driver comes up then jockey will start again. Then only you need to close it.

  16. Thank you very much

  17. how can i close "apt get to exit" which comes in the software center
    any command for that

  18. Follow these steps :

    1. Open up your terminal(Alt + Ctrl + T)

    2. To check for the process number of that process
    ps -e | less
    The above command will give you list of processes running on your machine and their details.

    3. Search for the apt-get in the above list and note its process number.

    4. Type the following command to end that process.

    sudo kill -9 process_number

    replace process number with the actual number

  19. thanks it really help me...

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  21. Thanks a lot. But I have a further question - this Killing of the process will not remove the jockey command permanently. So each time I need to update or install, I will have to run this "kill" command.

    Can you please help me in knowing - If I can remove this jockey from further obstructions and also if I do that will it impact the other drivers which are proprietary?

    Thanks again for a wonderful and helpful article.

  22. Ubuntu rocks ... THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT

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    This problem had given me a headache

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  28. pls how would i turn jockey back on